Ends on December 31, 2017

Multiple price options

During the month of December, Black Lawrence Press authors TJ Beitelman, Elizabeth J. Colen, and Jenny Drai are on board to critique mixed genre and hybrid manuscripts; and they are accepting everything from short 2-page pieces of work to full-length manuscripts. The fees and parameters for each of these categories is as follows:

• Short pieces, up to 2 pages in length, $15

• Medium piece, up to 10 pages in length, $30

• Long pieces, up to 20 pages in length, $45

• Extended pieces/chapbooks, up to 40 pages in length, $150

• Short manuscripts, up to 90 pages in length, $250

• Long manuscripts, up to 200 pages in length, $500

All manuscripts should be double-spaced and formatted in 12-point font. 

The deadline to submit work for this consultation program is December 31, 2017. The consultants will complete their work and respond to all participants by January 31, 2018.

Space in this program is limited, so please be sure to submit your work soon!

Note: Please do not send manuscripts that promote hate speech, are intended to harass or bully a specific person or group of persons, or include glorified sexual violence.


TJ Beitelman's Statement of Purpose

I believe art is form. I believe the forms the world can shape are myriad. I am thankful that the contemporary moment seems to be embracing this artful multiplicity as (almost) never before.

When I read a thing, a form—any form or thing—I ask a set of simple questions. Simplicity is, I think, the best way to meet multiplicity.

And so, the questions are these:

  •     What is this thing doing well?
  •     What is this thing about?
  •     What can this thing do better?
  •     Has this thing found its form?

Other things I believe:

I believe writing is not a subject matter; it’s (often) a means of approaching a subject matter.

I believe writing is an act of connection—connection to subject, to self, to reader, to something even more numinous than any of that.

I believe good writing is good thinking—but I also believe good thinking is not always rational, not always linear, and it doesn’t always solve the mysteries it carries within it.

I believe, lastly and maybe mostly, that a writer’s intentions are sometimes overrated. That’s why critique is such a valuable tool. It (often) disabuses us of our (sometimes) oppressive notions of “what we’re really trying to say.”

My response to your things, your work, will reflect these beliefs (through the lenses of those four specific questions above), and it will honor the fact that we are kinfolk in this strange vocation of making things from nothing.

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