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During the month of January, Black Lawrence Press author Jenny Drai is on board to critique mixed genre and hybrid manuscripts. Jenny is the author of three collections of poetry, two poetry chapbooks, and an award-winning novella. Her prose and poetry have been published or are forthcoming in numerous print and online journals including Alaska Quarterly Review, American Letters and Commentary, Banango Street, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, OmniVerse, and Pleiades.

Jenny is accepting everything from short 2-page pieces of work to full-length manuscripts. The fees and parameters for each of these categories is as follows:

• Short pieces, up to 2 pages in length, $25

• Folios, up to 7 pages in length, $55

• Extended pieces/chapbooks, up to 40 pages in length, $225

• Short manuscripts, up to 90 pages in length, $350

• Long manuscripts, up to 200 pages in length, $525

All manuscripts should be double-spaced and formatted in 12-point font. 

The deadline to submit work for this consultation program is January 31. Jenny will complete her work and respond to all participants by February 28.


Jenny Drai's Statement of Purpose

Every piece of writing builds a world, and when I read your manuscript, my first task will be to gain an understanding of the world you are building in order to help you fully flesh out its parameters. Story (regardless of genre), a focus on style and form, a sense of urgency, and the very real sense of thinking, feeling human beings behind the words on the page are all things I look for and edit with a mind toward strengthening. Along those lines, questions I ask hybrid manuscripts include:

· how and why does this piece/these pieces play with the idea of genre and to what overall effect?

· are all ideas fully developed?

· are form and content working together to create a seamless whole?

· is the work structurally sound? (in other words, is everything in the right place, or, conversely, is anything missing?)

· does the writing itself hold my attention?

In terms of my own reading habits, I am somewhat eclectic but am most drawn to literary writing that grabs my attention, defies convention, or surprises me in some way. Often, for me, it is not the subject matter itself that determines how I respond to a work, rather how the story is told. That being said, I have a huge soft spot for writing that connects to fairy tales or mythology from any and all cultural backgrounds.

PLEASE NOTE: I appreciate content warnings for work that includes graphic depictions of suicide.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.