Ends on November 30, 2017

$700.00 USD

During the month of November, Black Lawrence Press authors Tracy DeBrincat, Jen Michalski, Adrian Van Young, Genanne Walsh, and Erica Wright are on board to critique your fiction. 

Tracy DeBrincat has elected to take novels under her wing. Novels submitted for this consultation program may be up to 300 pages in length. All manuscripts should be double spaced and formatted in twelve point font. 

The deadline to submit work for this consultation program is November 30. The consultants will complete their work and respond to all participants by December 31.

Space in this program is limited, so please be sure to submit your work soon! 

Tracy DeBrincat's Statement of Purpose

No one really wants to read your book.

Unless, of course, the first pages grab them by the throat and they can’t stop (though I don’t mind when a book grabs me by the heart, brain or guts either – as long as there’s grabbing going on).

They’re looking for the book that won’t let them stop turning pages, devouring sentences, creating movies in their heads, building new worlds or plunging more deeply into familiar ones.

The book that invites us to be more intimate with its characters than we are with our families, than we dare to be with ourselves. That inspires us to love or hate the mirrors those characters create, and reflects truths about ourselves we never knew.

The book that twists us with a surprising story, that offers up images that shimmer with subtle revelation. Dialogue layered with truth, emotion, and yearning.

The book that makes us read slower and slower to forestall the inevitable, the climax where we hold our breath, the resolution that lets us breathe again, the ending finally having its way with us so we can slam the damn thing shut, reborn as a person who’s been moved by something that never really happened.

Except that it did.

That’s the book I want to read.

It’s the book I want to help you create.

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